Sunday, July 28, 2013

Instagram and vintage - they're fun but they are not the only option for your old slides & vintage photos

Recently I have noticed lots of fashion shoots with a vintage or instagram look.  These are great fun. There are now tons of phone apps and photoshop tutorials that show you how to create these effects – which can look great  if chosen well and applied to the right image….
I started to wonder where the idea came from to add these effects...............

I suspect it is a result of home scanning of family photos....
Old colour photos and slides naturally produce this vintage or retro instagram effect because the scanning process just copies the chemical damage caused to the film or print over time.  While some images look nice, others just don’t work.  A lot of people just don’t know how to fix this …..and think their only option is to throw their photos away!

The good news is you have options.  You don’t have to put up with this chemical damage once your images are digitised.  Any digitised image can be colour corrected and restored to bring out the true colours of the original image . In this photo taken in the early 1980s, the original is on the left, the restored one is on the right….

You can also get rid of other unwanted effects - dust, scratches, over exposure, shadow, and even people as in this example from my website which was a Kodachrome slide from the 1960s.

If you have some images sitting round home that look like this…
then give me a call ........they can be saved
Alternatively you can send your scanned photos directly to me via my file up-loader!

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