Friday, January 11, 2013

New Portable Scanner
We can now visit you at your place to scan your documents, photos, 35mm slides and negatives!

We have a number of different specialised scanners that enable us to capture images at different resolutions.  Scanners are specialist machines and some are not easily transportable.  While our negative/ slide scanner and book scanner are highly portable our specialist large media scanner is not.
There are a number of small scanners on the market - many of these have inbuilt automatic functions which cannot be turned off and they do not have the ability to be colour profiled. This limits their suitability for photographic restoration.
Recently we found a good solution, a small portable Epson scanner with professional features and we can now scan your photos in your own home. In professional mode the Epson offers all the features required to capture a good image suitable for a large number of restoration purposes.  Our large scanner is used for images that require more extensive work, large negatives and glass-plate negatives.