Monday, November 25, 2013

An interesting way of displaying your digitized images at a party

Most people know about digital photo frames,but not many people realise a lot of modern TVs can be used in the same way. Recently my dad turned 80. We wanted to do something special for his party. I have been digitizing many of our family photos, slides and negatives.   It was easy to go through the digitized collection and select images to display along with more recent digital photos we had taken to create a personalized digital slide show. It was then a simple matter to load the digital images onto a USB stick and insert it into the USB slot on my parents TV.

The TV's slide-show function automatically displayed each image for 20 seconds.

What surprised me was how much interest this little digital show generated at the party. People enjoyed looking at the images and talking about them.  Many of the images contained family members and friends who were at the party. The TV made a brilliant viewer as everyone could see it easily.  Digitization allowed us to view images from the early 1900s to the present day in one show.