Monday, August 18, 2014

Photo preservation and digital restoration references

On the 18th of August I gave a talk to the Wellington Southern Bays Historical Society in Island Bay about Photo preservation and digital restoration.  I thought it might be useful if  I put all the references I gave out in the talk in one place:

Where to get archival storage boxes and enclosures in NZ

Port Nicholson Packaging in Petone:

Conservation supplies in Havelock North

General archiving information

The practical archivist blog has useful information about archiving and sorting your family photos and heritage items

Both archives NZ and TePapa have information on their sites about sorting and looking after photographs

Useful references for dating photographs

For photographic processes

Also Gawain Weavers' site contains a very useful chart which you can use to help identify the photographic processes employed in 19th Century Photographic prints

For NZ photographers since 1840 - the photographic database link is:
RogerVaughan  updated reference to this site
Some links on clothing styles and fashions